MoovingON Uptime Management Offering

MoovingON With its 24/7 outsourced NOC Operation Center, provides Uptime Management services assuring service availability at all times. MoovingON delivers 24/7 outsourced NOC services, encompassing tailored monitoring solutions, ongoing infrastructure maintenance (AWS authorized reseller) and cloud integration.

At its core, Uptime Management is dependent on 24/7 Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC is not only responsible for controlling the network and bare metal infrastructure, the NOC actually manages the entire application and service operation. The NOC offers a broader, overarching analysis of the entire system operation. With this information, critical decisions can be approached in a proactive manner rather than a temporary, reactive response. In this manner, the NOC services promote a hands-on, continuous, business-focused monitoring approach.

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MoovingON is fully equipped with its very own, state-of-the-art, monitoring toolbox, allowing our NOC architects to handle every, and any, uptime incident in a professional, organized fashion.  In other words, MoovingON creates professional monitoring platforms, based on the acquired know-how of its engineers, which brings about, along with the NOC service, a smooth operation and continuous service leverage, converging MoovingON real time monitoring and helpdesk facilities into a comprehensive and full-fledged uptime coverage.

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As part of its Uptime Management, MoovingON integrates a tiered support structure into  the 24*7 NOC service, by detecting, prioritizing, escalating and efficiently resolving incidents immediately, allowing organization to divert precious development resources focusing on more advanced issues and implement strategic initiatives for the organization. infrastructure maintenance is a complementary component to the Uptime Management, routine preventive maintenance is perhaps the easiest and least painful way of bolstering server reliability.

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Uptime Management has always been a crucial matter. In many ways, it can be regarded as the ‘final mile’ of any IT operation. Once integrated, seamless uptime management can directly impact on reducing unnecessary issues, system downtime and, ultimately, guarantees an operational peace of mind.

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