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The Art of Cloud Operation

CloudOps is the practice of managing delivery, tuning, optimization, and performance of workloads and cloud services that run in a cloud environment including multi, hybrid, in the data center and at the edge

Efficient cloud operations require people, technology and processes working together in order to achieve and support the business goals.




Technology and services offering

Our technology enables cloud operations teams to deliver award-winning, best in class service to their customers.

The service, powered by our technology, provides 24/7 coverage around the clock to ensure the availability and reliability of your cloud services.

CloudOps platform

Built For Production Teams.
By Production Experts.

Throughout the years, we’ve monitored and maintained the production workloads of customers of all sizes and segments. MoovingON’s platform is the result of this journey, which has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions needed to support your all cloud operations stakeholders.

Runbook automation

No-code runbook workflows automatically connected to your alerts for automating operational procedures and incident remediation.


Gain better visibility across production environments by unifying all your metrics into a single pane of glass.


Improve incident detection and resolution time using machine learning.


Notify the right individuals or groups using built-in on-call schedule and escalation policies to improve MTTR.

Operational Insights

Analyze your cloud production performance from various operational angles and share across relevant teams as needed for continues improvement.

ALWAYS ON Services


Professional 24/7 NOC team based in Israel for fast response and remediation, tailored to your business needs.


Design, Build, Tune of multi-layered monitoring platforms, backed by CloudOps platform to achieve observability across technology stack.


Experienced DevOps team to increase your cloud production reliability and offload DevOps projects and tasks.


Implementing automation pipelines, reducing mean time to recovery (MTTR), and ensuring consistency across your operational procedures.

Your life with MoovingON

Customer Testimonials

  • Moovingon - 24/7 Availability Services© to power your cloud business.
  • Moovingon - 24/7 Availability Services© to power your cloud business.
  • Moovingon - 24/7 Availability Services© to power your cloud business.
  • Moovingon - 24/7 Availability Services© to power your cloud business.
  • Image photo - SecurityDam Testimonial

Availability as a service – Services and technologies designed to ensure the health of your cloud production environment, and minimize downtime when anomalies occur.

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