Uptime Management

Building a NOC requires a large investment, skilled staff and a significant amount of time. Maintaining a continuous high quality of service is oft challenging.

Your engineering teams spend most of their day developing the company’s core offering and getting distracted throughout the day or at night, certainly costing you money due to loss of productivity.
At MoovingON, we have developed a unique NOC as a Service delivery model, allowing you to enjoy 24×7 response and SLA including Tier 1 remediation and Tier 2 DevOps expertise. Your customers expect to receive constant availability. We work hard behind the scenes so companies can focus on their core business goals.

Extreme Availability with Less Headache

Extreme availability with incident remediation using Jenkins, Rundeck, rancher, webhooks triggered by alerts Automation of operational processes such as escalations, ticket handling, customer service


Your world is complex and challenging, the least we can do is to help you achieve "peace of mind" knowing someone is watching production for you. We have solutions for every need.

Simple and Transparent On Boarding:

  • Learn

    Understanding your overall architecture and monitoring stack. Handling connectivity and security.
  • Build

    Monitoring classification and enhancement and runbook (playbook) creation and approval.
  • Train

    Internal training to all NOC team and dry run session to ensure nothing was missed
  • Go Live !

Your knowledge + Our experience = Value from day one

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