It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil our new website ( ) to you. Apart from an updated look, we have introduced a wealth of new features and services to better tend to your cloud monitoring and management needs.

You can finally rest assured knowing that we enable applications, developers and independent service providers (ISPs) with 24/7 uptime and SLA management, including helpdesk (tier 1) and code level support (tiers 2 and 3).

Our state of the art Cloud Monitoring Workshop has been strategically designed to provide you with a detailed definition of your desired cloud’s NOC, including the necessary tools, actions, processes and protocols for successful online service delivery

As key players in our Cloud Monitoring Workshop, our NOC Architects specialize in working together with our customers, in efforts to quickly and fully understand the cloud operations’ monitoring system at hand, and organize support desks and system SLA requirements. With the help of our fully equipped monitoring toolbox, which includes the most cutting edge and diverse cloud monitoring tools available, our NOC Architects have become proficient at analyzing, prioritizing, and defining the necessary alerts for smooth monitoring and satisfied end users.

So, without further adieu, it is with great pride that we present our new and improved website!

Avi Shalisman, CEO & Co-founder in MoovingON LTD.