Automate - What You Need

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” Bill Gates.

Building an efficient automation pipeline can dramatically decrease time to recover from system outages, as well as automate repetitive IT and business processes to maintain SLA and customer satisfaction. As enterprises are looking to scale their cloud operations, it becomes essential to establish a systematic and balanced processes combining the talent and skills of a professional team with automation capabilities that augments and enhances their ability to deliver cross-organizational value.

Automation Is Much More Then
Alert Remediation

Handling critical alerts shouldn’t stop at running automations or escalation actions. An incident life cycle starts from the moment an alert has been triggered, through effective communication of its impact, and ends after a through analysis and lessons learned has been performed.

That is linked directly to efficient processes, spanning automation of both technological and operational aspects. MoovingON expertise in running 24/7 cloud production workloads, allow us to thoroughly review and define the exact business and technology workflows that could benefit from automation, thus reducing error budget and ensuring operational consistency and continuous improvement.


Incident Remediation

For rapid incident remediation, we centralize technical knowledge and formulate it into a predefined set of scripts, webhooks and workflows.

Operational Automation

For maximum efficiency and uniformity, we automate standard operational procedures e.g., JIRA ticketing, team and customer notification, war room creation and reporting.


For fast and accurate cross organization resource allocation, ensuring the right team are notified on-time with the relevant data


Full transparency, multi-channel communication for internal and external data distribution and ensuring team’s “service ownership” and “Sense of urgency”.

What makes MoovingON so unique?

We live and breath 24/7 cloud operation. Our NOC and SRE teams serve many customers including our own SaaS solution (XiteiT). Our monitoring and SRE experience enables us to monitor all aspects of your cloud production.
  • A decade of experience in all aspect of cloud monitoring and various cases.
  • We “live and breath” your production environment so we automate only what is needed
  • Continuous feedback from our NOC service for ongoing monitoring improvements.
  • Hands on approach in implementing and maintain monitoring platform as part of availability as a service.
  • Large partner network in both commercial and open-source monitoring solutions.
  • We use full code review practices to ensure quality and security
  • We use best practices and built-in libraries for fast implementation

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