XiteiT – Our NOC MANAGEMENT platform

MoovingON has developed a SaaS based NOC management platform called XiteiT, to centralize and manage all aspects of our customers operational environments.

Platform input=>output

The ability to seamlessly integrate with our customer environment, balancing human and automation using our flow-based Runbook capabilities, allows us faster response time and provide our customer complete visibility and reporting on their products and services uptime and availability.

A single dashboard for all monitoring platforms

A single dashboard for all monitoring platforms

Centralize all monitoring events from multiple platforms to gain improved visibility across production environments for better management and daily operations.

Production-centralized knowledge base management

Production-centralized knowledge base management

Combine all operational know-how in a single platform, break knowledge silos and automatically connect alerts with actionable processes.

Runbook automation

Runbook automation (RBA)

A flow-based chain of actions to systematically invoke remediation processes either manual, automated or hybrid.

Smart event corrolation

Smart event correlation

Classify and group multiple alerts and their relationship to reduce alert fatigue and create composite events that require discrete runbook and business response.


Robust Escalation policies

Notify the right individuals or groups using built-in on-call schedule and tagging language, enabling dynamic propagation of relevant parameters for accurate runbook execution.

Production reports and BI for smart analysis

Production reports and BI analysis

A robust reporting engine for production and productivity analysis, ensure SLA, system health and business continuity