1. What additional activities does the NOC team do, besides attending to alerts and incidents?
MoovingON also provides proactive activities, such as revenue graph tracking, maintenance tasks, service check-ups, etc.
2. How do you ensure the NOC team is always synced with the client’s engineering team?
Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated account manager. They send daily, weekly, and monthly reports covering your system’s performance and current open requests. Additionally, we communicate with our customers via their preferred collaboration channel, such as Slack, or Teams.
3. What type of SLA do you provide to your customers?
Contractually we are committed up to 10 minutes for first response SLA having said that, in real life our performance is significantly better.
4. Can MoovingON Monitor Applications?
Absolutely. It is critical to know if your applications are working and operating as expected. We offer complete application stack components, including front end, back end and database. We also detect pure business indicators such as real time usage and revenue tracking.
5. In what ways do you ensure continuous improvement?
To ensure continuous improvement, our CloudOps team manages the complete incident lifecycle utilizing best practices methodology which includes: training and certification, incidents documentation, root-cause analysis, predefined protocol enhancement, reports to proactively avoid future issues.
6. What do you monitor?
We provide 3 tiers of monitoring: Infrastructure Level: Public cloud , Private cloud and On-premise IT features, including storage and computing resources. Application Level: Complete application stack components, including frontend, backend and databases. Business Level: Business KPIs, such as real time usage and revenue tracking.
7. Why not just build it internally?
Building an operational NOC not only is a large investment, but also requires knowledge and a great deal of time and resources. Around the clock operation requires a team of professionals that can take full responsibility, 24/7. Not every company can justify such a cost and effort. Also, our experience shows that companies at the stage of growth prefer to invest in technological development instead.
8. Can MoovingON monitor alerts from any monitoring software?
Absolutely. We can work both with open source like Grafana, Prometheus, and commercial tools like Datadog and New Relic. One of the greatest benefits we offer is our flexibility and adaptability to handle the many different platforms our customers use.
9. How long does the Onboarding take?
Not long at all! As we bring our operational NOC’s vast experience and best practices. The services can be deployed within 3-4 weeks from Kick-Off.
10. Does your NOC offer only a 24/7 solution?
No. Our service model is flexible both in coverage and with service model. Coverage: We can deliver 24/7 coverage or just off-hours & weekend support. Service model: we offer shared, dedicated and hybrid model. For more details refer to: https://www.moovingon.com/noc-as-a-service/