Site reliability expertise and hands-on to help you grow

Unlike in the past, cloud companies today are much more operational and availability driven.

The role of the SRE\DevOps team is to continuously enhance your cloud production reliability and offloading of project tasks. Starting from monitoring, automation, through 24/7 responsibility of your production environment.
MoovingON provides a turn-key managed service for full coverage, utilizing our NOC and DevOps services to guarantee an optimal uptime and availability of your solution. Continue to focus on building and scaling, while our experienced team are backing you up around the clock.

We live and breath site reliability –
it’s in our DNA

Align engineering team around reliability – While everyone wants to participate and contribute to reliability, the reality of it is that tools and processes are built in silos causing friction. MoovingON SRE as a service will help you “connect all the dots”, remove silos and align your team around a shared responsibility of your production environment.


Single pane of glass, 24/7

Site reliability beings with knowing your systems status and health at any given time. Using our CloudOps platform, XiteiT, we provide a single pane of glass of your production environment, allowing you to unify and manage events, metrics, runbooks, teams and analytics.


DevOps services

You have the expertise just not the time… Offload DevOps projects to a shared team with experience in a broad range of technologies and practice.


Build and tune your metrics to support your growth

Ensure scalability of new services and infrastructure through SRE monitoring best practices. Optimize metrics to minimize false-positives alerts and avoid “cry wolf” scenarios.


Consistency and “sense of urgency”

Site reliability is not just a matter of technical knowledge. It requires well-defined work processes as the common thread combining technology and expertise. Adopt RCA policies, operational process automation, effective internal and communication for continuous improvement and work efficiency.


Automation services

Identify and implement cases where remediation activities can be automated to decrease MTTR and remove inefficiencies, delivered by an experienced team of DevOps engineers. Save time and costs on writing automation scripts, using combined knowledge from years of experience from many customer and sectors.

We are in this together,
not as consultant.
That’s our DNA

SRE services are complementary to our NOC service so we are experienced with the good and bad things in your systems. As we monitor your platforms 24/7 365, we see ourselves as equal partners in being accountable to your availability and each improvements we implement together is beneficial for both parties.

  • A decade of experience in all aspect of cloud monitoring and various cases.
  • Continuous feedback from our NOC& SRE teams for ongoing monitoring improvements.
  • Hands on approach in implementing and maintain monitoring platform as part of availability as a service.
  • Large partner network in both commercial and open-source monitoring solutions.

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