Monitoring - the art of availability

Achieving observability across your technology stack and business goals involves a multi-layered monitoring platforms approach i.e. dashboard, logs, applications, networking and infrastructure.
MoovingON experts help you to design, build and deploy the necessary monitoring components using best-of-breed solutions that suits your needs, reducing irrelevant alerts and metrics, allowing you to further focus on the things that matters the most to your business.

Excellence in monitoring results in better customer experience

A crucial part in maintaining uptime and availability is real time monitoring. Monitoring is usually designed and deployed during the build phase of the product by different groups. It is essential to conduct an overall design and tuning in order to reach precise and accurate monitoring, and to support the growth needs of your business. The two modern approaches for monitoring are either Open Source or commercial platforms. The open-source approach will allow better customization and cost saving while the commercial approach will allow fast and “Headache free” maintenance. Both approaches require an on-going Design-Tune-Implement-Enhance process to ensure precision and accuracy at any given time.


Strategize, evaluate and architect complete monitoring stack for 100% visibility into your cloud application performance.


Continuously improve metrics and alerts based on your NOC\SRE team, avoid false positive and incorrect thresholds. Focus on metrics that are valuable for the health of your production environment.


Deploy a well-architected and scalable monitoring platform, based on industry best practices. Implement required metrics, signals, KPI’s for total production observability.


Adjust and reinforce monitoring for newly added functionality, eliminating blind spots, and secure customer satisfaction.

Why MoovingON?

With dozens of monitoring installation and operating 24/7 for our customers, we know exactly how to zero in on the real issues that affect your systems.

  • A decade of experience in all aspect of cloud monitoring and various cases.
  • Continuous feedback from our NOC& SRE teams for ongoing monitoring improvements.
  • Hands on approach in implementing and maintain monitoring platform as part of availability as a service.
  • Large partner network in both commercial and open-source monitoring solutions.

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