shutterstock_109571807If you’re in the business world, it seems like these days all people are talking about is switching over to a “cloud” for data storage. What’s so special about the cloud? Well considering it increases efficiency and therefore cash flow, it’s not surprising so many companies are ditching their bulky servers and switching to cloud storage.

Here are 7 major benefits to moving a business over to the cloud.

  1. Accessibility:Using a cloud means you can access your data from everywhere and anywhere, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or your roommate’s computer. All you have to do is download the app (sometimes called a client), log in, and all of your files should be available to view, edit, and save.
  2. File sharing: Have you ever experienced trying to open a word document on your server only to receive the annoying notice, “Another user is accessing this document. You can view it but you cannot make any edits”? Using a cloud based service makes this notice obsolete, allowing multiple users to view, edit, and save the same documents simultaneously, whether they are in the same office or across the continent.
  3. IT: A server crash is every business’ worst nightmare, and the amount of money, time, and effort dedicated to recovering important contracts and documents can sometimes even cost more than the entire price of the server. Using a cloud prevents this kind of disaster recovery, and if there is a problem, the service provider has the tools necessary to recover your information faster and more accurately than the average IT guy.
  4. Security: Over 800,000 laptops and tablets are stolen per year – at the airport. Gone are the days where important documents had to be backed up on flash drives, CDs, and in a hard copy. Now, all you have to do is save it to the cloud, and you’ll have access from anywhere.
  5. Work from anywhere: If you have Internet access, you can work from anywhere if you’re using the cloud. With so many businesses supporting workers who travel, telecommute, or take work home, this benefit clearly increases efficiency and productivity in the office and at home.
  6. Growth and scalability: Cloud-based services are completely scalable, making it possible for small businesses to make tough decisions about growth quickly, with less risk. Instead of investing in heavy, expensive servers, clients can increase their storage capabilities incrementally and scale back when they’ve found the perfect storage package.
  7. Environmentally friendly: Many offices go paperless with an elaborate file-sharing system on their network, but don’t decrease their carbon footprint because of the technology they need to sustain it. Using a cloud enables you to decrease your company’s carbon footprint by utilizing a shared network housed away from your office space.


Here’s a great video about cloud computing.

Regardless of why your business uses the cloud, monitoring the load average, CPU, memory, filesystem and network usage, as well as more advanced checks will help the business leverage the fullest potential of this growing technology.

Cloud computing is today’s biggest business convenience, and a necessity for any business that’s looking to expand. Is your business using the cloud to expand its service offerings?