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Successful NOC operation – 3 key Ingredients

NOC are always under a great deal of pressure to meet both technical and business service demands. In the past several years, NOC have played a more critical role in the growth and efficiency of a SaaS company. With this, technological issues arise at unexpected times. While the number of unforeseen problems increase, the resources within an organization [...]

What kind of support your NOC covers?

We provide support to all your operational services so you will have  a full comprehensive view into the entire infrastructure.  We provide  event monitoring management, problem management, incident management. We gather Information from all platforms such as monitoring platforms, emails, graphs We also developed internal operational support processes, documentation and optimization to maintain a high standard of support to [...]

Can your NOC deliver 24/7 cloud and online application monitoring?

Sure, our cloud operations center was built specifically for cloud and online application monitoring. Our monitoring platform is composed of the finest monitoring and uptime tools with the aim of tracking your system’s availability, performance and security.  Integrated with your own monitoring and alerts, our Uptime professionals provide you with the peace of mind you need when running around [...]

Can your NOC offer help desk support?

Sure, some customers, don’t have the staff to answer their phones 24 hours a day, we offer B2B Customer Support: by phone, email, online chat or any other mode of immediate online communication Our professionals are not just a proxy for your end users’ calls. They maintain predefined protocols that have proven to immediately solve an average of 80% [...]