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Can your NOC deliver 24/7 cloud and online application monitoring?

Sure, our cloud operations center was built specifically for cloud and online application monitoring. Our monitoring platform is composed of the finest monitoring and uptime tools with the aim of tracking your system’s availability, performance and security.  Integrated with your own monitoring and alerts, our Uptime professionals provide you with the peace of mind you need when running around [...]

Can your NOC offer help desk support?

Sure, some customers, don’t have the staff to answer their phones 24 hours a day, we offer B2B Customer Support: by phone, email, online chat or any other mode of immediate online communication Our professionals are not just a proxy for your end users’ calls. They maintain predefined protocols that have proven to immediately solve an average of 80% [...]

Do you provide proactive activities?

Absolutely , MoovingON is committed to provide proactive activities.  Automation is essential, but best practices show that professional human intelligence is also needed in order to constantly evolve, and predict business failure events.

How do you keep our team synced to the NOC performance?

Management, Documentation and Reporting, Each one of our customers is provided a dedicated account manager. Our cloud operations account managers send daily and weekly reports covering your system’s performance and current open requests. Moreover, on a monthly basis, we provide a custom summary report along with an operations and demand forecast. Our reliable cloud management services are designed to help [...]

How do you commit to our tight SLA?

Your SLA is our Liability Our professionals monitor your SLA, listening, prioritizing and remediating system alerts as well as end user tickets. Armed with predefined protocols, our professionals have the knowledge and skills to solve 80% of all tier 1 support requests, and take full responsibility to manage and handle 100% from start to end.

What are the qualifications of your NOC engineers?

We hire only experienced and professional network engineering passionate about NOC. We invest in our employees to assure high standard of practice to all our customers. We believe in Career development, we want our employees to feel appreciated thus stay with us over the years. All employees are subject to background checks and confidentiality agreements.

What is so unique about your centralized automation dashboard?

At MoovingON we believe in leverage innovative technologies to improve our processes We developed our own unique software to enhance the operational process we deliver to our customers. MoovingON offers the centralized dashboard, with a unified status view available to each authorized person within the organization.

Do you have different types of NOC Services?

Absolutely, MoovingON has the capabilities to offer both fully dedicated NOC as well as integrated NOC services. We strive to create value to our customers,that is why we offer a tailored made solution that best fit our customers , We learn all about the customers’  business and challenges and only then build the perfect service solution for them. To [...]

Can MoovingON Monitor Applications?

Absolutely.  It is critical to know if your applications are working and operating as expected. We offer complete application stack components, including front end, back end and database. We also detect pure business indicators such as real time usage and revenue tracking