“Today, maintaining a high performance and continuous availability of cloud production environments are some of the most significant pain points for technology organizations.

Production availability is commonly measured and managed by evaluating some of the following dimension: Does the product or service work fast enough? Does its performance meet the expected metrics? Is it able to deliver the optimal customer experience? Do analysts get the data necessary to extract valuable business information from it?

The complexity of production environments does not allow us to stop for a moment. Hence, you need the right tools that can pick up on problems and solve them proactively, before customers are affected by potential mishaps. To achieve this, you would require an advanced solution such as XiteiT”, says Avi Shalisman, Chief Executive Officer at MoovingON.

MoovingON specializes in providing NOC-as-a-Service and is launching its new solution this year. XiteiT is an AI-based platform, born 3 years ago at MoovingON to support its client services.

The platform has consistently enabled MoovingON to provide a high-level managed service around the clock—always connected to client environments, while continuously adapting to changing production requirements.

A Solution for Customers Who Want to Handle Their Production Environments Independently

“We understand there are many customers who operate their in-house production environments 24/7, so we have decided to share our platform with these customers. We provide XiteiT as a SaaS platform, without the need for installation or maintenance. For customers who do not want to (or are unable to) transmit information to a public cloud, our platform can be used on the customer’s private cloud, supporting customers’ production requirements while they continue to self-manage everything within the organization. Our solution is designed for all company sizes, helping customers who want to handle their production environments independently,” Mr. Shalisman explains.

 The main idea on which the XiteiT platform is built is the fact that there is an industry-wide need to enable full management from one central location, connected to all of a client’s operations. From monitoring systems, automation systems (like Jenkins), and project and development management systems (like Jira) to internal communication applications (like Slack), XiteiT is capable of centralizing all systems for the sake of a smoother production environment.

“Our perspective comes from optimizing the management and quality of operational processes. Running the Network Operation Center (NOC) from one central point creates the option for our customers to combine human capital with automation, all across the board.

Our solution knows when to escalate issues to your mobile phone, like other automated tools. The key difference is that we are creating a space for customers to diagnose faults across the production environment using both human capital and Artificial Intelligence (AI), thereby strengthening what is known in NOC terms as a “self-healing” process. This allows DevOps and SRE teams to remain in the know and avoid having to burn out fires all the time,” Shalisman tells us about XiteiT.

Real-Time Business Intelligence for Every User in Your Organization and Across the Industry

Because the customer’s operative systems are centralized, extensive amounts of operational data are available; as seen in the results of the AI-based diagnostics platform, as well as reflected in data on the faults detected. For this purpose, we have integrated a sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard for real-time data analysis into the platform.

“The platform informs users on their production environments by means of fault detection and diagnostics, giving our customers an up-to-date command board with full production oversight. It allows our customers to analyze the pieces of information relevant for each of their organization’s managers, depending on their needs as a Software Development Manager, Operations Manager, and so on. Every user can have their own desktop overview of the platform—a viewpoint that shows tailored insights gained while working,” adds Shalisman.

Ultimately, our company vision is to continue developing a full-fledged platform that combines human knowledge with automatic forecasting and a Machine Learning based recommendations engine. Our goal is to provide the fastest real-time troubleshooting solution for production environments, allowing XiteiT customers to better serve their own customers.

“XiteiT is a solution that has emerged from our own needs as a service company, and it will continue to grow and expand as it will now be serving other organizations’ needs.

Our solution is an integral part of our daily operations, and the knowledge we accumulate through our services also becomes embedded in the XiteiT platform. That’s one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the market. We come from the same industry and provide services within it, so that XiteiT is a byproduct of what we learn daily about production environments,” concludes Shalisman.

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