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Why NOC-as-a-Service

It is no secret that building a NOC involves a large investment, the right skills and a significant amount of time. These criteria should be led by NOC experts for the simple reason-   it is not the core business of SaaS companies.

At MoovingON, we have developed a unique approach to NOC-as-a-Service: We enable our customers with 24/7 uptime and SLA management, including helpdesk (tier 1) and code level support (tiers 2 and 3). We work hard behind the scenes so companies can focus on their core business values.

Protecting your business

Over the past 20 years, we have supported dozens of startups from their initial service delivery phases and through their exponential growth. At every stage, we have protected these businesses, giving their leadership the peace of mind necessary to focus on meeting and expanding core objectives and capabilities.

Our approach

At MoovingON, we have the flexibility to provide our service in a modular, gradual manner. This enables you to experience and evaluate onsite the benefits of working with MoovingON at your own pace.

We understand that the kind of service we offer needs to be built on trust. That is why you can choose to make use of our services according to your own timetable. We are confident that once you experience how we can help your company, you will be eager to increase our joint efforts. All our customers stay with us and continue to expand their businesses.

Our NOC automation tool

We leverage technology, automating processes to serve our customers better. As a result, we can offer efficient, world-class operational NOC performance. Our innovative tools and processes are designed to optimize productive NOC workflow.

We developed our NOC Automation tool (XiteiT)  to ensure the highest quality of service. All alerts are aggregated and managed from one dashboard. The system automatically recommends the most suitable corrective action to the NOC engineers.

Our runbook management

You can count on our years of experience and unique platform to bring your now inefficient NOC to life in a matter of weeks. Our support engineers meet the industry’s best practices and use the most advanced tools to maintain your custom runbook, enhancing your service operations and product life.

Tailored NOC solution

Getting to know our customers is MoovingON’s top priority. We believe that in order to best serve our customers, we need to become familiar with everything there is to know about their business and challenges before creating the optimal NOC solution customized for them.

MoovingON can offer both fully dedicated NOC as well as semi-dedicated NOC services.

Our engineers

The vast experience of our NOC engineers enables them to quickly grasp your application’s business values. Together, we can enhance your existing monitoring metrics and alerts while defining clear key performance indicators (KPIs) for your support.