Production Management

MoovingON has developed a unique service for managing operational production environments to improve visibility and response time and to reduce downtime.
Production environments today consist of many automated processes, scripts and tools. Our unique management solution offers one dashboard, a centralized knowledge base, runbook automation and smart automation flow.

Smart Rules

Monitoring today’s production environments is challenging. It requires integration with different monitoring platforms in order to analyze the health of production on several levels, including infrastructure, application, processes, customer experience and more.
Our Smart Rules enable you to monitor complex scenarios and business processes utilizing alerts from different monitoring resources. With this, you gain a comprehensive monitoring view based on all your resources.

Production Analysis

With so many events generated by different monitoring platforms and tools, understanding production behavior is becoming more and more complex. Our Production Management solution logs all events and remediation activities into a single platform. Adding our BI to this unleashes the power of continuous research and of analysis into production behavior. As a result, you can resolve bottlenecks and improve the production environment, making it more stable and reliable, thus optimizing your users’ experience.