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Cloud Integration

The building and maintenance of a cloud-based infrastructure requires knowledge and a great deal of time and energy. Creating the right architecture ensures scalability and cost optimization and minimizes redundancy.

MoovingON offers a dedicated team of experts with vast experience, to support your needs 24/7. We guarantee that your organization’s business can continue as usual at any time of the day, any day of the year.

MoovingON’s expert teams will help you to integrate into the cloud, whether private or public, build the optimal monitoring infrastructure, provide ongoing cloud maintenance, make any necessary tweaks to your system, and of, course, provide 24/7 NOC as a Service.

Our experts have acquired a wealth of knowledge in Linux and Windows and can assist in working with all major cloud providers: AWS, GCP and Azure. MoovingON is a certified AWS consulting partner and AWS certified reseller.

Real-Time Monitoring

A crucial aspect of running a 24/7 cloud-based service is real-time monitoring, which depends on two critical factors:

  • The monitoring platform should be perfectly suited to the operational necessities of your specific business.

  • Monitoring is conducted in a user-friendly manner, with 24/7 NOC. Using this service, you can be confident of availability and attentiveness at all times. You can also be certain that any situation that arises will receive the necessary attention in real-time. Read More

Holistic Monitoring Solution

At MoovingON, we believe that monitoring solutions should be multi-dimensional. This allows for a comprehensive view of the business and allows different parties to see the real-time status according to their needs. A well-defined monitoring solution should include:

  • A Centralized Dashboard: Use one dashboard for all your monitoring resources

  • A Monitoring Infrastructure: Monitor all infrastructure devices

  • Application Monitoring: Enjoy customized monitoring for customer service related components

  • Log Analyzer: Analyze application logs for exceptions and errors

  • Business Graphs: Monitor your service and business KPIs

The art of monitoring

MoovingON’s real-time monitoring of both the application and its infrastructure, based primarily on the critical assessments from the user-friendly NOC operation, ensures that you receive smooth service. MoovingON is fully equipped with its very own, state-of-the-art, monitoring toolbox, allowing our NOC architects to handle any and every uptime event efficiently and professionally.

In other words, using the impressive know-how of its engineers, MoovingON develops professional monitoring platforms. These, together with MoovingON’s NOC service, allows for smooth operations and continuous service leverage.  MoovingON’s real-time monitoring and helpdesk facilities complete the package of thorough and comprehensive uptime coverage.

This comprehensive toolbox is comprised of the best monitoring applications around, including: cloudwatch