Cloud Configuration Services

The building and maintenance of a cloud-based infrastructure requires knowledge and a great deal of time and energy. Creating the right architecture ensures scalability and cost optimization and minimizes redundancy.

MoovingON’s DevOps engineers will help you to integrate into the cloud, whether private or public, build the optimal monitoring infrastructure, provide ongoing cloud maintenance and make any necessary adjustments to your system.

Our DevOps engineers have acquired a wealth of knowledge in Linux and Windows, and are fully familiar with all major cloud providers: AWS, GCP and Azure. We will assist your integration into any new service, optimize your cloud costs and maintain your cloud platform along with all on-going needs.

Monitoring Configuration and Optimization Services

Our engineers are experts in designing, building and optimizing your optimal infrastructure and in configuring the monitoring system most suitable for you.

Our knowledge is based on our own, state-of-the-art monitoring toolbox as well as on our extensive experience with integrations, customizations and configurations of monitoring tools we have successfully performed for our clients.

Our comprehensive toolbox comprises the best monitoring applications around, including: cloudwatch

Scripting And Automation Services

We have developed an automated management solution based on a runbook that can be configured to work in a fully automated or in a hybrid mode. With it, you can integrate your current automation scripts into a comprehensive solution.
Our DevOps engineers also provide scripting and automation development services.