Best Practices in SaaS Operations Conference

On June 10,  leaders from across the SaaS, DevOps and cloud industry came together to learn about “Best Practices in SaaS Operations” at Google Campus in Tel Aviv.
The conference covered various aspects of running a SaaS company that is based in the cloud and requires 24/7 monitoring and management. The conference talked  about main challenges that operation team are facing within cloud services.

The main topics of the conference focused on core principles for operating SaaS companies- DevOps,  Monitoring, CDN implementation, Big Data and NOC services.

NOC as a Strategic Business Decision

Avi Shalisman, CEO, MoovingON

NOC are always under a great deal of pressure to meet both technical and business service demands. In the past several years, NOC have played a more critical role in the growth and efficiency of a SaaS company. With this, technological issues arise at unexpected times. While the number of unforeseen problems increase, the resources within an organization always decrease.
Today, SaaS based companies are fundamentally operation based organizations, in comparison to the ‘classic’ development focused enterprise.

The ramifications of this trend are evident when looking at the strong emphasis of NOC services. The NOC now requires more than an initial investment of resources, it demands that the operating of a NOC become a core business strategy within a company. The implication of such a change is that companies will need to invest more in human capital, process and data. Elevating the role of NOC engineers to strategic predictors will increase detection of potential issues BEFORE they arise. The NOC engineers are the ideal staff  because they monitor the NOC 24/7 and are the most familiar with and sensitive to any potential problems. Additionally, their familiarity with the system will enable NOC engineers to respond and resolve to lower level issues, which will reduce pressure from R & D and IT departments, and allows them to focus on core business development.

By elevating the NOC to a strategic business level, companies will ensure that the proper tools, skills and processes are being deployed to run an efficient operation.

 Avi’s presentation can be viewed and downloaded here.