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7 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

  If you’re in the business world, it seems like these days all people are talking about is switching over to a “cloud” for data storage. What’s so special about the cloud? Well considering it increases efficiency and therefore cash flow, it’s not surprising so many companies are ditching their bulky servers and switching to cloud storage. Here are 7 [...]

July 28, 2014|News|

The Internet of Things Stacked Three Layers High

By now, it’s no secret that the internet of things (IoT) is changing the landscape of technology and business. While the concept is still in its early days, the applications of IoT are already beginning to take shape as industries embrace the trend. With all the hype, it’s important to understand the various ramifications that such a technological shift [...]

July 25, 2014|News|

Best Practices in SaaS Conference Takeaways: Considerations in CDN Implementation

 Shalom Carmel, CTO, GlobalDots The concept behind a CDN is to enable caching on of content to improve end user experience. A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides Web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. The [...]

July 1, 2014|Best Practices|

Best Practices in SaaS Conference Takeaways: Developers are NOT Operations Guys

Ofir Nachmani, Cloud Evangelist at IamonDemand "DevOps" is meant to denote a close collaboration between what were previously purely development roles, purely operations roles, and purely QA roles. Because software needs to be released at an ever-increasing rate, the old "waterfall" develop-test-release cycle is seen as broken. Developers must also take responsibility for the quality of the testing and release environments. [...]

June 26, 2014|Best Practices|

“Best Practices for SaaS Operation” conference Takeaways: Big Data

Yoav Chernobroda, CTO, Mythings What does it mean to be overwhelmed by big data and what are the business  implications? Big Data refers to the idea that companies can extract value from collecting,  processing and analyzing vast quantities of data.The era of big data is upon us and the challenge is for business is attempting to link  their disparate [...]

June 23, 2014|Best Practices|

“Best Practices for SaaS Operation” Conference Takeaways: Golden Parameters of Monitoring

 Ariel Pisetzky, VP Information Technology, Taboola  Failure management and performance optimization techniques need scalable and intelligent methods to analyze the large amounts of monitoring data, and to apply smart optimizations to mitigate problems and ensure dynamic resource management in the presence of frequent component failures. At this level of scale, different system components operate at multiple time [...]

June 22, 2014|Best Practices|