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How to Seamlessly Switch AWS Partners

Working with the right AWS provider can make or break a company, but many companies discover that after a few years, what was once a great fit just doesn’t work anymore. Over time, your needs change, and the provider you’ve been with for years might not be able to provide what you need. Alternatively, maybe your AWS provider simply isn’t [...]

September 6, 2020|Best Practices, Blog|

A Lesson for Every Startup from Bitcoin’s Drop in December 2017

Paying the Price for an Unavailable Service: The Case of Coinbase In December 2017, significant declines were recorded on the exchange rate of the world’s most popular digital currency—Bitcoin. Investors who wanted to sell their currencies quickly, for fear of further declines, turned to the biggest cryptocurrency stock exchange, known as Coinbase. At Coinbase, they did not seem stressed. Their [...]

February 16, 2020|Best Practices, Blog|

AI-Based remediation for cloud incidents? We are on our way there

“Today, maintaining a high performance and continuous availability of cloud production environments are some of the most significant pain points for technology organizations. Production availability is commonly measured and managed by evaluating some of the following dimension: Does the product or service work fast enough? Does its performance meet the expected metrics? Is it able to deliver the optimal customer [...]

February 10, 2020|Blog, News|

Observability’s Newfound Popularity

In a recent Meetup event, DevOps professionals, operations professionals, and various executives gathered together at MoovingOn's "Achieving Observability Meet Up" hosted on the 28th floor at AWS in Tel Aviv. The venue was buzzing with lectures, panel discussions, and workshops all surrounding the idea of Observability Systems. Speakers representing AWS, Coralogix, BOLT, and MoovingOn shared exciting knowledge as to the [...]

September 9, 2019|Best Practices, Blog|

Successful NOC operation – 3 key Ingredients

NOC are always under a great deal of pressure to meet both technical and business service demands. In the past several years, NOC have played a more critical role in the growth and efficiency of a SaaS company. With this, technological issues arise at unexpected times. While the number of unforeseen problems increase, the resources within an organization [...]

November 29, 2017|Best Practices, Blog|

How to make sure server downtime won’t kill your startup’s growth

"We’re excited to announce that Geektime, Israel’s biggest tech blog, has just published Avi’s article in Geektime. In it, we discuss not-so-obvious ways downtime costs cloud startups money, what causes downtime and tools and methods to prevent it. Click through to see how SaaS startups can keep downtime from eating up their growth!

April 21, 2015|Best Practices, Blog|

Important Takeaways from Best Practices in SaaS Conference

Last Tuesday, 40 attendees from across the cloud, SaaS and DevOps spectrum came together to hear from industry leaders about “Best Practices in SaaS Operations” at Google TLV. . As professionals working in the cloud, hearing from colleagues and professionals offers an opportunity to discuss emerging issues and trends that will shape the future of the industry. The focus of [...]

April 14, 2015|Best Practices, Blog|

What are some of the pitfalls of inadequate monitoring?

 In today’s market, everything has to be as fast as possible. The process of downloading a program and running it is outdated. Instead, users expect instantaneous reactions to their demands. Companies that can’t meet demands and the new requirements of immediate results put their business at risk everyone involved in operations, production and even marketing requires the flexibility to influence application behavior according  to user requests. [...]

March 22, 2015|Best Practices, Blog|

Building a Successful Uptime Management Strategy

Managing a cloud system properly entails numerous tasks (performance monitoring, response times, latency, uptime management, security, compliance, and disaster recovery). Together, these tasks form a comprehensive holistic strategy that embraces and accounts for all potential scenarios. Especially in today’s intensive business landscape, running cloud operations (NOC) 24×7 has become mandatory together with maintaining a [...]

February 16, 2015|Best Practices, Blog|

How Seamless Uptime Management Contributes to an Operational Peace of Mind

Cloud computing has become the default way for deploying applications or services.  Cloud computing offers companies, enterprises and startups the ability to avoid, or minimize, spending while leveraging the flexible nature of the cloud infrastructure to meet growing business needs. A growing challenge for applications is obtaining optimal availability at all times. Today, cloud [...]

December 25, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Conversations in the Cloud: Interview with Kristine Simon from IBM

Interview Series with the Experts of Big Data, Cloud, SaaS, and DevOps – Conversations in the Cloud – Kristine Simon from IBM Introduction We’re excited to introduce our new conversation in the cloud series, featuring experts across the cloud industry. We’ve lined up some amazing experts to interview for this series. As a company, we [...]

November 26, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Why Start-ups Should Consider Running a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Start-ups, by definition, run lean and fast. Minimal capital and a constantly evolving infrastructure Usually start-ups tend to prefer either a pure cloud infrastructure or a hosted solution. For us, the ideal is for start-ups utilize a hybrid cloud solution.  A few weeks ago, we attended DLD Tel Aviv, Israel's largest tech conference. During the conference, we had the opportunity [...]

October 19, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Single NOC/SOC: A Viable Possibility

Recently, we read an interesting article on Ayehu which points to the unique approaches in handling Network Operations Centers (NOC) and Security Operation Centers (SOC). Indeed, the delicate relationship between how NOC and SOC are both responsible for four primary issues: identification, investigation, prioritization and resolution of issues is accurate. Clearly, the impact that these two operations centers have on [...]

October 1, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Top 5 Ways to Service Companies Using the Cloud

  Running a cloud-based service is a multi-faceted operation that relies on many factors from the integrity of the information uploaded to the tech support in the software. For a company to invest in a cloud based storage company, they need to be confident that it will fulfill their core business needs. Here are our 5 ways to service companies [...]

July 30, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

7 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

  If you’re in the business world, it seems like these days all people are talking about is switching over to a “cloud” for data storage. What’s so special about the cloud? Well considering it increases efficiency and therefore cash flow, it’s not surprising so many companies are ditching their bulky servers and switching to cloud storage. Here are 7 [...]

July 28, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

The Internet of Things Stacked Three Layers High

By now, it’s no secret that the internet of things (IoT) is changing the landscape of technology and business. While the concept is still in its early days, the applications of IoT are already beginning to take shape as industries embrace the trend. With all the hype, it’s important to understand the various ramifications that such a technological shift [...]

July 25, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Best Practices in SaaS Conference Takeaways: Considerations in CDN Implementation

 Shalom Carmel, CTO, GlobalDots The concept behind a CDN is to enable caching on of content to improve end user experience. A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides Web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. The [...]

July 1, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Best Practices in SaaS Conference Takeaways: Developers are NOT Operations Guys

Ofir Nachmani, Cloud Evangelist at IamonDemand "DevOps" is meant to denote a close collaboration between what were previously purely development roles, purely operations roles, and purely QA roles. Because software needs to be released at an ever-increasing rate, the old "waterfall" develop-test-release cycle is seen as broken. Developers must also take responsibility for the quality of the testing and release [...]

June 26, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

“Best Practices for SaaS Operation” Conference Takeaways: Golden Parameters of Monitoring

 Ariel Pisetzky, VP Information Technology, Taboola Failure management and performance optimization techniques need scalable and intelligent methods to analyze the large amounts of monitoring data, and to apply smart optimizations to mitigate problems and ensure dynamic resource management in the presence of frequent component failures. At this level of scale, different system components operate at [...]

June 22, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Conference Takeaways: NOC as a Strategic Business Decision

Best Practices in SaaS Operations Conference On June 10,  leaders from across the SaaS, DevOps and cloud industry came together to learn about “Best Practices in SaaS Operations” at Google Campus in Tel Aviv. The conference covered various aspects of running a SaaS company that is based in the cloud and requires 24/7 [...]

June 19, 2014|Best Practices, Blog|

Peace of Mind in SaaS Operations

Managing large SaaS operations has never been easier. But as startups companies and enterprises grow, so does the constant need for monitoring and supporting an increasingly large network. Making the wrong decision could adversely affect the performance of the SaaS solution, impact the reputation of the company, and could result in losing valuable market share. On June 10, four leading professionals [...]

May 21, 2014|Blog, News|

Fresh Look, New Services… Are You MoovingON?

It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil our new website ( ) to you. Apart from an updated look, we have introduced a wealth of new features and services to better tend to your cloud monitoring and management needs. You can finally rest assured knowing that we enable applications, developers and independent service providers (ISPs) with 24/7 uptime and SLA management, including [...]

December 12, 2013|Blog, News|

Cloud Service Uptime Management – 5 Key Guidelines

Availability and Uptime Management is one of five components in the ITIL Service Delivery area. It is responsible for ensuring application systems are up and available for use according to the service criticality and the defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Your uptime management team should analyze your online business availability requirements and ensure that optimized, cost-effective contingency plans are put in [...]

December 10, 2013|Best Practices, Blog|

Cloud Automation Extends Intelligent Monitoring

Application deployment automation solutions are key when hosting an application in the cloud. The combination of release automation and the IaaS resources abstraction layer allows you to easily migrate your application to any common cloud provider. Automation shouldn’t be adopted solely in order to move to the cloud. It has many benefits above and beyond this need. Increasingly popular movements such as Agile [...]

December 8, 2013|Best Practices, Blog|

Cloud Monitoring is at the Heart of Your SaaS Operations

  In today’s cloud environment an idea can quickly transform itself into software. The small developer can generate and run the application on a PaaS platform or on an Amazon cloud micro-instance. At first the idea can be pitched to potential users at very low cost. Product operations can easily track and support the first users, making sure that the [...]

November 20, 2013|Best Practices, Blog|