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Position 700 – Marketing Content Writer

MoovingON is looking for a highly strategic, dynamic, and technically savvy content marketer to join our team. As our content writer, you'll create and execute our outbound content marketing plan that builds our brand awareness, tells our story and drive sales and market share.

A Lesson for Every Startup from Bitcoin’s Drop in December 2017

Paying the Price for an Unavailable Service: The Case of Coinbase In December 2017, significant declines were recorded on the exchange rate of the world’s most popular digital currency—Bitcoin. Investors who wanted to sell their currencies quickly, for fear of further declines, turned to the biggest cryptocurrency stock exchange, known as Coinbase. At Coinbase, they did not seem stressed. Their [...]

AI-Based remediation for cloud incidents? We are on our way there

“Today, maintaining a high performance and continuous availability of cloud production environments are some of the most significant pain points for technology organizations. Production availability is commonly measured and managed by evaluating some of the following dimension: Does the product or service work fast enough? Does its performance meet the expected metrics? Is it able to deliver the optimal customer [...]

Go Cloud! – Sisense success story

Sisense's solution analyzes the most sensitive information in the world's largest companies. It was clear that MoovingON would be the one to maintain Sisense's cloud service. Since its inception in 2010, Sisense has become a leader in enterprise information analytics through an information analytics system that can analyze information from any source, including complex information, and allowing employees in the [...]

Increasing performance – Webpals success story

As Webpals (https://www.webpals.com), the leaders in performance-based advertising, grew at a fast pace around the world, MoovingOn helped them behind the scenes to always stay connected. Webpals group deals with performance-based digital marketing via a combination of a variety of the company’s own content driven websites and campaigns across all advertising channels. The company operates thousands of websites dedicated to [...]

Observability’s Newfound Popularity

In a recent Meetup event, DevOps professionals, operations professionals, and various executives gathered together at MoovingOn's "Achieving Observability Meet Up" hosted on the 28th floor at AWS in Tel Aviv. The venue was buzzing with lectures, panel discussions, and workshops all surrounding the idea of Observability Systems. Speakers representing AWS, Coralogix, BOLT, and MoovingOn shared exciting knowledge as to the [...]

Successful NOC operation – 3 key Ingredients

NOC are always under a great deal of pressure to meet both technical and business service demands. In the past several years, NOC have played a more critical role in the growth and efficiency of a SaaS company. With this, technological issues arise at unexpected times. While the number of unforeseen problems increase, the resources within an organization [...]